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Every event is different – so how can Bowtie Benefit Auctions help YOU?

For the newbie that has never used a professional fundraising auctioneer… Bowtie Benefit Auctions begins with establishing a timeline for the event. Next come defined committee roles and objectives, followed by follow-up phone calls/emails to keep everyone on track. All of the pieces add up to a baseline event that provides a foundation to build upon at future events.

For the committee chair that has never used a professional fundraising auctioneer… Bowtie Benefit Auctions begins by analyzing your current event looking for areas to streamline and, in some cases, drop out of the timeline. A professional fundraising auctioneer brings in a total package of information that a bidcalling-only auctioneer may not possess. Many times a bidcaller will come in, call bids and leave – a professional fundraising auctioneer gives so much more!

For those with an established event and are ready to bring in a professional fundraising auctioneer… our favorite tagline is, “we are not here to recreate the wheel – we are here to smooth the ride!” You have an event, an established timeline, and established audience, but somewhere along the way you decided it was time to change auctioneers or to revamp your event… Events change, they adapt to the economy, they are dynamic – Bowtie Benefit Auctions works with you to freshen up the event, give it a boost or simply give it a new face.

For the event wishing to add a live auction or fund-a-mission to add additional revenue to the event, Bowtie Benefit Auctions is ready to serve you! Our auctioneers have taken additional courses and continuing education to make your event POP! Benefit Boot Camp and Beyond Bid Calling are two of the premier courses our auctioneers have attended to refine our live auctions and give our Fund-A-Mission ‘asks’ the attention they need!

Bowtie Benefit Auctions offers:

  • Licensed, experienced fundraising auctioneers – not all auctioneers are fundraising auctioneers
  • One on one contact throughout the contract, planning and execution of the auction
  • The option of computerized check-in, checkout and settlement of the auction
  • The option of computerized reporting of the auction results using trained operators
  • The option of credit card express check-in at registration
  • Experienced bid spotters to work the event
  • Consultation for the duration of the auctioneer-client relationship at no cost to you
  • Website and email blast advertising of the auction if client desires
  • Revenue generating ideas to add money to the event