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Singleness of Purpose

Originally appeared on our founder’s blog,

Success demands singleness of purpose – Vince Lombardi

Those five words mean so much when applied.

Think of the definition of singleness:  the quality of concentrating on one central objective (ie. “his singleness of purpose”).  This is energy concentrated toward one point… like a laser slicing right through all of the barriers to the eventual goal.  The key word is concentrated… one goal, one objective or one path to success.

Another way to view this is shotgun versus rifle.

A shotgun is just that, a gun that releases shot – or tiny pellets – instead of one bullet.  The target is covered with shot when the gun is fired… if you are aiming at the bullseye in the center, you hit it – and the inner rings, the outer rings and probably everything around the intended target.

A rifle, on the other hand, releases a bullet – one shot – directed at ONE point on a target.  If you aim correctly and have the rifle sighted in, you hit the bullseye.

The point (all puns intended) of all three of the examples is you have to know what you want… and rifle in on it. Set goals, draw a map, make a “line” to follow – whatever you have to do – focus right in on the target and let nothing stop you!

Aim at nothing and you’ll hit it every time – Zig Ziglar

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