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Case Study: Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The Challenge:  One of our fundraising clients approached us about selling a Harley Davidson motorcycle for them.  The motorcycle was not to be added to the live auction at their event as it was donated late and the auction had already been set.  In addition, they had tried to sell a similar motorcycle using eBay the year before, but the bidder did not pay for the purchase.

The Solution:  Through the use of our Internet platform, we were able to market the motorcycle to a larger audience than the client could have reached at their live event.  In addition, our Internet platform checks for bidder fraud BEFORE allowing them to register and bid on our online auctions.  Ebay does not do this, which is why the client lost the sale the previous year.

The Result:  The motorcycle was sold to a legitimate bidder for several thousand dollars more than the client anticipated.  The buyer was local, which reduced the payment time and storage time for the client.

Parting thoughts:  Your auctioneer should have many weapons in his/her arsenal when it comes to fundraising.  One solution does NOT fit every situation.  Call us for more information or ideas!

Motorcycle sold for Boy Scouts of America

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