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Case Study: Duke Basketball Tickets

The Challenge:  A client approached Bowtie Benefit Auctions with a set of Duke basketball tickets that had to be used well before the client’s actual event and fundraising auction.

The Solution:  Bowtie Benefit Auctions utilized a timed online auction to assist the client in selling the tickets to one of their constituents.  Through a coordinated timed online auction and the client’s email list, we were able to bring exposure to the tickets AND assist the client with some pre-event advertising of their gala.

The Result:  The client has utilized this method several times… each time realizing money ahead of their fundraising gala AND keeping the gala in front’s of their donors.

Parting thoughts:  By using a timed online auction we were able to liquidate the items for our client.  We would not have been able to get the items in front of the donors without the use of the Internet.  Remember – YOUR auctioneer should be versed in many types of selling… not just talking fast in the front of a room!

The actual auction listing for one of the sets of tickets!

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