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Case Study: American Buffalo Gold proof coin

The Challenge:  Bowtie Benefit Auctions was contacted by a client who had a US Mint proof gold American Buffalo 1-ounce coin donated to their auction.

The Solution:  Instead of adding the coin to the live auction at the event, we added the coin to an already-established coin auction via our Internet platform.  Adding the coin to an auction with like-minded buyers assisted the client realize the most money for the donation.

The Result:  We estimated the coin to sell between $1650-1900.  The coin sold for $1800.00 at the auction.

Parting thoughts:  Not every item is suited for the live auction at your fundraiser.  Contact your auctioneer to make sure you are covering your bases to raise the most money for your nonprofit!  We have solutions in place to help YOU raise more money… just call us.

Actual listing of the coin

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